Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get The Hell Out of My Office

Welcome to Scrappy Journeymen With Heart Who Blog the Right Way, the chronicle of Ben and Zach's epic month long southeastern roadtrip of June and July 2011. This roadtrip will center around 4 main themes, each more awesome than the last.

Wait, no, the first one is most awesome. Then number 3, then 4, then probably 2. But you get the idea.

1.) Minor League Baseball! The primary focus of the trip, and the main determinant of our route, which is still naturally TBD. We'll be gunning for at least 20 games over the course of the trip, and will of course be ranking each park and team on key metrics such as price of beer, most calories available in one concession item (I really hope more teams have adopted - or dare I wish, outdone? The Luther Vandross Burger), ability to win Minor League Bingo, and willingness to give random bloggers free seats.

2.) Roadside Americana. How many different materials can you make Stonehenge out of? Foam and cars for starters, but we know this country can do better. So follow the blog to find out!

3.) Minigolf. Sure, we know we'll see plenty of dinosaur and pirate-themed courses, but will Zach finally achieve his longest-standing desire: playing a NINJA-themed minigolf course?

4.) Man vs. Food locations and challenges. Why bother determining good restaurants for yourself, when Adam Richman can do it for you? Thanks, buddy! Put your trust in God; your ass (and every upstream digestive organ) belongs to Adam.

Since we'll be driving a lot, expect daily updates (replete with photos and videos where warranted) pending WiFi access. The roadtrip runs from June 17th to July 10th.

We'll be camping in remote areas some nights, so there's a possibility you might have to wait. But just sign on to follow the blog, and you'll get your fix as soon as it's available. Be cool, honeybunnies, and we'll see you on the road.

Zach and Ben


  1. Hope you still intend to stop in the Lou'. Man v. Food hit Crown Candy and stopped by Pappy's Smokehouse. Additionally, Alton Brown hit a few Donut Shops, Fast Eddie's and I think Ted Drewes. I thoroughly recommend them all. Not to mention the Gateway Grizzlies and River City Rascals, both Frontier League teams.

  2. Just watch out for these folks.

  3. Don't you worry, Jay. We wouldn't miss the 'Lou - and Fast Eddie's and the City Museum - for anything except maybe a lifetime supply of Vandrosses and Baconnaise.