Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 10. Omaha, Nebraska, sorta: Rain Ruins Everything and We Get Some Sleep.

Up at 6 to make the 6 hour drive to Omaha. Normally a 3 hour drive, but apparently I-29 is flooded and will be for some time. I can’t imagine what would happen if they up and said “You can’t use 85 between Atlanta and Greenville until mid-July”. But everyone in the (Mid)West has been really friendly so far, so I imagine they’re pretty chill about this as well.

Anyway, we make the 2 o’clock start for the Omaha Stormchasers with plenty of time to spare and found our seats with a beer and sandwich apiece. Then we got back up and took cover in the concourse as a rain delay started. The club was nice enough to broadcast the Royals game on the Less-Than-Jumbotron, so we at least got some entertainment. We kept checking the weather on Zach’s Futurebox and kept seeing the archipelago of storm cells draw out and linger and never really go away. Anyone who knows Zach’s penchant for adverbs can probably imagine his commentary on the proceedings.

After an hour and 20 minutes or so, they called the game and rescheduled it for noon tomorrow. We exchanged our tickets for then and moved on to Lincoln for the night. Foresight did us straight and we now sit in a comfy motel room, rather than a KOA campground, as thunderstorms and tornado watches swarm around.

We’ll have a more thorough review tomorrow (weather permitting), but here are some quick highlights from the Stormchasers non-game.

I (Ben) got to hi-five the mascot that wasn’t a tornado. He was kinda fuzzy.

Zach saw a Dolphins fan and a Braves fan. We’re now giving points to fans for each 1000 miles away from their home team.

Turns out Omaha’s first season was in 1969. Their first manager was Jack McKeon. The same Jack McKeon who has just been named interim manager of the Florida Marlins.

Saw a Sarah Palin t-shirt. Not to get political, but here was our discussion after the sighting.
Ben: Is being a Palin supporter like being a fan of the Yankees if they were unpopular?
Zach: Maybe kind of like having Melky Cabrera as your favorite player? Can’t be the Yankees because they win anyway.
Ben: The Mets then.
Zach: Not evil enough.
Ben: Like hell they’re not evil enough.
Zach: They’re bad guys, but not evil. They’re incompetent. They’re like Dr. Evil.
Ben: Remind me why Sarah Palin is evil.
Zach: She steals millions of dollars from her supporters who buy into her bullshit.
Ben: And the Mets…
Zach: … steal millions of dollars from their supporters who buy into their bullshit.

And, uh, the stadium kept us dry for the most part? Not really that much more to say about today. Double Header tomorrow in Omaha and then back in Lincoln.

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