Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 5. St. Louis: More Bourbon, Rescuing Maggie, and Watching the Cardinals Plummet

This one’s a bit short, due to the notable absence of Minor League Baseball. But, whatever.

Woke up, spent 9 minutes at the Jim Beam distillery to get our passports stamped, and then took the best of the free tours at Heaven Hill. Not quite as fun as Turkey, but the price was right and we got bourbon liquor and bourbon balls at the end.

Then Zach wanted to play mini-golf. He'd discovered an old orange Putt-Putt in Louisville randomly as he was traveling back from Chicago a couple months ago, and we proceeded to wait behind a group of 3 girls between the ages of 2 and 8 and their polite and tired mother as we played their toughest course (the ominously named No. 3). Nevertheless, we got in our 18 holes with an approximate score of Zach +20 to Ben +985.

 Zach’s giddiness did not end there, however, as we discovered a Simpsons Arcade game in the lobby. Neither one of us had played this game in about 10 years, but it quickly came back to us. 5 bucks worth of tokens and two sticky joysticks later (get your mind out of the gutter!), we beat the final form of Mr. Burns and rescued Maggie.

We decided to celebrate by getting in the car and driving 5 hours across 2 states to get to St. Louis. In the rain. Again.

After stashing our stuff at Zach's friend Jason's house, we made for Busch Stadium, which is, it turns out, a very large baseball stadium. Also, it has a Hardee's. And a ton of military hardware, including an Osprey, hanging out front. Thank you, Marine Week.

We got the pitching duel we expected from Roy Halladay and the incomparable Kyle McLellan (batting 8th! Thanks, Tony). Of course, then the bullpen happened. With a 1-run lead, St. Louis gift wrapped the game to the Phillies in the 8th. Lineout, Single, Walk, HBP, HBP, Strikeout, Single, Walk, Walk, Single, Single, Single, Flyout. Suddenly it’s a blowout and we’re in the parking garage coasting down a ramp tighter than the rings on a barber pole.

On the bright side, Jason Motte became just the 10th pitcher in MLB history to hit the only two batters he faced in a game…

The evening concluded with frozen custard and learning recipes from the cashier at Target. Recipes that she was sharing with the people in front of us. Instead of ringing them up and letting us check out.

No scores for today. Hard to judge big league parks with the same standards as minor leagues. And I’m sure you can find other reviews of Busch Stadium elsewhere.

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  1. Dude, that game was the shit. I always thought the bowling ball boss in the Dreamland was the hardest.