Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 7, Resting: Just Like God.

So your Scrappy Journeymen took a page out of God's book and rested on our 7th day. While we had originally planned to go to the Los Angeles Angels night game, we decided we'd rather check out Joshua Tree National Park and then get down to San Diego at a decent time of night to say hi to friend-of-the-Journeymen Jick rather than watch Baseball-by-Disney.

So that's exactly what we did. We went to Joshua Tree, and it was - as advertised - pretty wild and alien. We did 3 miles of hikes, and in the July desert heat that was quite enough for us.

 The spice must flow.
 Pat imagines himself as the first man on whatever the hell godforsaken planet this is.
 Well, damn. Naturally, a dam. Iiiiin the desert. Which, to be fair, wasn't a desert back when this was built.
 That's your garden-variety dam right there.
 And now something cattle used to drink from.

We also encountered some rather strange symbols on our trip. No, not the Native American Petroglyphs.

That dark line in the distance? The San Andreas Fault. As if the fucking BEE WARNING wasn't enough.

Then we drove down to San Diego, got some sushi, bought some good booze and played Illuminati. THE END.

Come back tomorrow.

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