Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 6: A Major League Interlude with the Colorado Rockies.

Good news, everyone! No full post for you to deal with today. We left Albuquerque early in the morning, stopping only for a delicious breakfast of spicy waffles at Tia Betty Blue's and to play another round of Putt Putt that Zach won, ahead of our 7 hour, 20 minute drive to Denver. Pat and Zach both had spicy blue corn waffles, which were covered in eggs, cheese, and green and red chiles, served with beans and potatoes. And then we got in a car for seven hours.

We forgot to take pictures of our spicy waffles, so full credit to

We were much more excited about this drive than yesterday's, and while it was a bit of a slow start in northern New Mexico, the scenic route we chose (U.S. 285, importantly different from I-285 back home) began paying major dividends in Colorado.

...Unfortunately this also made us late because Zach screwed up the start time (the Texas Rangers played at 820, the Rockies at 640). But for once, angry WeaTHOR came to our rescue! Speeding through the mountains in occasionally driving rain and nearly stalling in a flash flood on a Denver off-ramp were cool and all, but the real benefit was a healthy 2 hour, 40 minute rain delay for the Rockies game.

The game finally had first pitch at 920p local time. Our friend Jake had presciently warned us that Rockies games tend to be "5-hour, 13-9 slugfests" (Coors Field is well-known for excellent offense due to the thin air that makes the ball carry, and commensurately horrible pitching because, well, would you want your stats hamstrung by pitching at Coors?). Well, this game was actually a 4-hour 14-9 slugfest, but we still gave up around midnight after the 7th inning stretch and headed to a Denver suburb for our very kind hosts for the next 3 nights, Scott and Meghan. The view from the 1st base side was gorgeous, though.

Man, look at that view. Shame it was dark before the game got underway.

Tomorrow we'll return to our regularly-scheduled posts with a visit to the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Baseball League's home run derby!

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